Travis Logan, D.A. (1971)

Quinn Martin had a lot going on in 1971. Several of his pilot films aired early that year and one of those was Travis Logan, D.A. starring Vic Morrow. Although this project didn't end up getting made into a weekly series, Travis Logan, D.A. did garner mostly positive reviews when it first aired in March, 1971. Though not released on home video like many other QM productions, the TV movie was rerun on television through the 1980s.

Here's an enthusiastic contemporary review of Travis Logan, D.A.:

Here's another article about Travis Logan, D.A. This one has quotes from star Vic Morrow and from producer Adrian Samish, as well as some interesting tidbits of information. This piece mentions that exteriors were shot around Santa Barbara and one of the primary inspirations for the show is also revealed...James Stewart's character from Anatomy of a Murder.